ByteDance Transforms Resso into TikTok Music - Introducing a Premium Music Streaming Service

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  • Jul 2023, 06:09 PM

ByteDance Transforms Resso into TikTok Music - Introducing a Premium Music Streaming Service

Moon Video Inc reported that Resso will officially end operations on September 5, 2023. However, the music streaming app users have nothing to worry about as Resso will metamorphose into TikTok Music, a premium music streaming platform.


Following the end of Resso, the app will undergo a transition and will be replaced by TikTok Music. This new platform will be almost identical to Resso, ensuring users have the same engaging and immersive experience they enjoyed with Resso.


TikTok Music – The Future of Music Streaming


TikTok Music is available to new users in Brazil and Indonesia, beginning today, with a one-month free trial to start their premium streaming experience. The pricing for the new application is as follows:


  • Brazil (iOS and Android): R$16.9 (approximately USD $3.49)
  • Indonesia (iOS): Rp 49,000 (approximately USD $3.25)
  • Indonesia (Android): Rp 44,900 for the first 12 months, and then Rp 49,000


This transition from Resso to TikTok Music comes two months after Resso ceased its free tier services in these countries.


Amplifying Original Music


In an exciting update for music artists and creators, TikTok Music is opening its doors for original music to be featured and listened to by hundreds of millions of TikTok and Douyin (Bytedance) users worldwide. If you're an artist who is interested in distributing your original music on this platform, Label Miracle Studio Apps is at your service.


labelmiraclestudioapps offers to assist in distributing your original music to over 150+ Digital Music Stores for free, allowing you to reach a larger audience and increase your influence in the music industry. Moreover, you can collect 100% of your royalties, making it a highly lucrative opportunity for all musicians out there.

Take the step forward to let your music be heard and appreciated globally. 


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Download TikTok Music


TikTok Music is now available for download here.


The Challenge Ahead


TikTok Music is entering a competitive market, dominated by heavyweights like Spotify, Apple, and Amazon. While these competitors offer ad-supported, free memberships, TikTok Music is focusing on delivering a premium-only service. 


To make its mark, TikTok Music will need to offer a user interface and value propositions that are compelling enough to draw users away from these well-established competitors.


Although today's announcement does not mention podcast and radio content, ByteDance's trademark application from last year hinted at the inclusion of such content, potentially positioning TikTok Music as an even bigger competitor to Apple Music and Spotify. The world of digital music is about to witness a new and exciting chapter, with TikTok Music leading the way. Stay tuned for more updates.

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